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Turn your degree into an exciting career in Clinical Trials Management

Working for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, or research laboratories often requires managing a clinical trial test. Clinical Trials Managers oversee all aspects of the trial, including patient recruitment, study implementation, and close out.

The ideal candidate has a background in health sciences, science or nursing and has a passion for the health industry.

You will develop a professional network, unique skills, and a portfolio of projects you will use throughout your career.


This program is delivered online. You will require access to the internet.

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CTMG6014 Communication Skills for Clinical Trials Managers
CTMG6002 Drug Development
CTMG6013 Financial Aspects of Clinical Trials
CTMG6001 Introduction to Clinical Trials and Research
CTMG6003 Organization and Monitoring of Clinical Trials I
CTMG6012 Organization and Monitoring of Clinical Trials II
CTMG6011 Pharmacology for Clinical Trials
CTMG6103 Practicum in Clinical Trials Management
CTMG6006 Reading and Understanding Research Information
CTMG6005 Regulatory, Legal and Ethical Issues of Clinical Trials