Western Employee Educational Assistance


Western University has pre-approved professional development courses that take seven days or less to complete as Reimbursed.

When you enroll in a Reimbursed (RMB) course, you will pay at the time of registration and submit the Application for Educational Assistance Form to Human Resources.

When you complete the course, you will forward a certificate of attendance and a payment receipt to receive reimbursement provided you still qualify for educational assistance funding and have not yet reached your funding limit from Human Resources.

  1. Select a course
  2. Register and pay
  3. Submit the EA form to Human Resources
  4. Complete the course
  5. Forward your payment receipt and certificate of attendance to Human Resources

The following courses are pre-approved for Reimbursed (RMB) tuition.


CMPR6201 - Crisis Communication
CMPR6202 - Media Relations
CMPR6203 - Employee Communications
CMPR6204 - Community Relations
CMPR6205 - Leadership and Communications
CMPR6206 - Social Media Strategy
CMPR6207 - Strategic Communication Planning
CMPR6208 - Video 101
CMPR6209 - Social Media Fundamentals
FIMW6201 - French Immersion for Adults - One Week
LEAD6201 - The Effective Leader
LEAD6202 - Developing and Leading Teams
LEAD6203 - Leadership Communications
LEAD6204 - Enacting Theories of Leadership: Creating Action from Theory
LEAD6205 - Motivation for Superior Performance
LEAD6206 - Culture and Diversity: Leadership Challenges
LEAD6207 - Emotional Intelligence
LEAD6208 - Gender Diversity in Leadership
LEAD6209 - Leading Across Generations
LEAD6210 - Negotiation Skills for Leaders
LEAD6211 - Leading Difficult Conversations
LEAD6251 - Coaching and Mentoring
LEAD6252 - Optimizing Change
LEAD6253 - The Leader`s Role in Resolving Conflict
LEAD6255 - Problem-Solving, Decision-Making and Creativity
LEAD6257 - Strategic Leadership
NTPT6201 - Introduction to the Not-for-Profit Sector
NTPT6202 - Effective Boards: Best Practices, Governance and Administration
NTPT6203 - Grant Writing
NTPT6204 - Volunteer Management
NTPT6205 - Event Management
NTPT6206 - Fundamentals of Financial Management for Not-for-Profits
NTPT6207 - Public Relations and Communications for Not-for-Profits
NTPT6208 - Fundraising and Development
SPRK1005 - How to Handle Difficult Conversations
SPRK1007 - How to Talk so People Listen
SPRK1013 - Strategic Planning using the Business Model Canvas
SPRK1022 - Project Planning for Success
SPRK1023 - Managing Your Productivity at Work
SPRK1024 - The Power of Strategic Questions
SPRK1025 - Sparking Creativity and Engagement
SPRK1026 - Bust Your Team Status Quo
SPRK1027 - Emotional Intelligence in Action
SPRK1028 - Communication Skills for Today's Leader