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Clean up your social

Three Reasons to Highlight Learning on your Résumé

Whether your goal is career advancement or staying informed about your industry and best practices, professional development demonstrates your ability to learn new skills and your ongoing commitment to improve to potential employers.



workshop learning


Seven Tips to Make the Most out of a Workshop

Our workshops provide a wide range of interactive learning experiences focusing on practical skills you can apply to your work. Although our workshop


Employee Learning


Tips for Preparing for the Interview

Congratulations you've got the interview! You want to make the kind of impression that will get you the job. Follow our Practicum Coordinator's handy job interview list to prepare and win over your interviewer 



Personal brand


The Art of Selling Yourself

Personal branding – the act of marketing oneself to an employer like a product to a consumer – has become increasingly popular, especially among millennials. Admittedly, it can be quite daunting to cultivate a strong social media presence that will embody the best of your personal and professional ‘personalities’.



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