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Professional Certificate in Learning and Development

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Education and training are taking on new significance in today’s increasingly competitive global economy as a result of ongoing workplace, occupational and demographic change. The skills and knowledge required today are constantly evolving, resulting in a growing need for training and education at all levels of the organization and at all stages of our lives. Many employers now include the development and delivery of in-house training as part of their strategy for meeting their workplace learning needs.

This seven-course certificate is designed to help you improve on your facilitation, design, and assessment skills in various learning environments, whether you work in a corporate, academic or public sector organization.


Designed for

Professionals wanting to apply the principles of adult learning to their current or future training and facilitation roles.



Courses: Five required, two electives
Format: Two days in class plus three weeks online
Cost: $3360
Admission: OPEN, no application
Completion Time: 10 - 36 months


online All learning and development courses are enhanced with online learning.
You will require access to the internet.


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Course Selection

Course Course # Delivery Options Prereqs Availability
  Approaches to Teaching and Learning TADL6201 N Not Currently Available
  Needs Assessment TADL6202 N Not Currently Available
  Program Design Methods TADL6283 Hybrid N Not Currently Available
  Active Training Techniques TADL6206 Hybrid N Available
  Assessment and Evaluation in Learning Contexts TADL6205 Hybrid N Available
ElectiveChoose two courses:
  Teaching Online TADL6287 Online N Available
  Teaching with Technology TADL6284 Hybrid N Available
  Collaboration, Teams and Communities in Learning TADL6285 Hybrid N Available