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Professional Certificate in Management

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In today’s highly competitive business world, good management is essential to organizational success. The Professional Certificate in Management will build your business expertise and management skills by exposing you to a wide range of management theories combined with real-world practice and applications.


Who is this program for?

If you would like to expand your current skill set and advance your career, the Professional Certificate in Management is for you! Whether you are a current manager, just launching your career, or contemplating a career change, you will benefit from the skills and knowledge you will obtain from this program.


How the program works

Most courses in this program are 13 weeks in length and involve a reasonable amount of work outside the classroom. Textbooks are required for most courses and reading will be assigned on a regular basis. Evaluation will be based on any combination of participation in class or online, tests, quizzes and/or assignments. Since we understand that balancing learning with family and work responsibilities creates a demanding schedule, we have tailored the program so you have the choice to take course either in-class during the evening or online. Not all courses will be offered every year in both online and in-class formats. Students are advised to plan their course timetables carefully and register early for courses. Please let us know if you require assistance in mapping your program.


Professional Designation

If you are interested in pursuing a professional designation, many of the courses have been developed to meet the standards of various professional associations, such as:

Canadian Institute of Management,

Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario,

Insurance Institute of Canada,

Risk and Insurance Society Inc.,

Canadian Payroll Association,

Project Management Institute,

Association of Administrative Assistants 

and numerous others.

Students are encouraged to contact the professional association for details.

Any of the courses may be taken individually without enrolling in the Professional Certificate program

Program Requirement

To be awarded the Professional Certificate in Management, you must complete the eight required courses and four electives that best suit your professional development needs.


Certificate Completion

Track your progress in the program. Have your courses automatically applied towards your professional certificate program.

Application for Course Substitution

A maximum of 2 courses completed somewhere other than Western Continuing Studies may be accepted towards advanced or optional course requirements for the Professional Certificate in Management.

Request Information

Web form: Program Inquiry

Email: cstudies@uwo.ca

Phone: 519.661.3658


Course Selection

Course Course # Delivery Options Prereqs Availability
  Business Administration BSMG6212 Online, In Class N Available
  Fundamentals of Accounting BSMG6201 Online, In Class N Available
  Introduction to Human Resource Management BSMG6202 Online, In Class N Available
  Business Law BSMG6203 In Class N Available
  Business Finance BSMG6208 Online Y Available
  Managerial Communications BSMG6207 Online, In Class N Available
  Organizational Behaviour BSMG6205 In Class N Not Currently Available
  Business Strategy BSMG6206 Online, In Class N Available
ElectiveChoose four courses:
  Introduction to Labour Management Relations LREL6001 Online N Not Currently Available
  Introduction to Project Management: Scope, Schedule and Cost Planning PJMG6201 Online, Hybrid N Not Currently Available
  Advanced Strategies in Business Communications WRBS6283 Online N Available
  Principles of Marketing MRKT6281 Online N Available
  Risk Management Principles and Practices BSMG6401 In Class N Not Currently Available
  Training and Development BSMG6211 N Not Currently Available
  Web Strategy: Audience, Content and Usability MRKT6282 Online N Available
  Enterprise and Strategic Analysis BSAN6203 Workshop N Available
  Business Analysis: Planning and Communication BSAN6201 Workshop N Available
  Collaborative Conflict Resolution ADRN6201 Workshop N Available
  Negotiation Skills and Processes ADRN6203 Workshop Y Available
  Strategic Communication Planning CMPR6207 N Not Currently Available
  Social Media Fundamentals CMPR6209 N Not Currently Available
  The Effective Leader LEAD6201 Workshop N Available
  Optimizing Change LEAD6252 Workshop N Available
  Developing Your Emotional Intelligence ADRN6213 Workshop N Available
  Project Management Essentials PJMG6206 Workshop N Available