Western Continuing Studies
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Management and Development for Western Leaders and Staff

Western Continuing Studies offers a day-time version of the Canadian Institute of Management (CIM) program for Western Leaders and Staff in administrative roles who are engaged in human resource, accounting or finance functions as part of their work(e.g. managers, directors, AO's, unit leaders, or other roles within a Faculty or a support unit).

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WCIM6204 Western CIM - Financial Management
WCIM6202 Western CIM - Fundamentals of Accounting: Public Sector
WCIM6203 Western CIM - Introduction to Human Resource Management
WCIM6205 Western CIM - Introduction to Labour Relations Management
WCIM6206 Western CIM - Introduction to Public Sector Management
WCIM6201 Western CIM - Managerial Communications
WCIM6207 Western CIM - Organizational Behaviour
WCIM6208 Western CIM - Strategic Analysis
WCSINFO Western CIM and Project Management Information Session