Build your business expertise and management skills by exploring a wide range of management theories combined with real-world practice and applications. Apply the knowledge, strategies, and techniques learned in class directly to your work’s everyday management challenges.



ADRN6201 - Collaborative Conflict Resolution
ADRN6203 - Negotiation Skills and Processes
ADRN6213 - Developing Your Emotional Intelligence
BSAN6201 - Business Analysis: Planning and Communication
BSAN6203 - Enterprise and Strategic Analysis
BSMG6201 - Fundamentals of Accounting
BSMG6202 - Introduction to Human Resource Management
BSMG6203 - Business Law
BSMG6205 - Organizational Behaviour
BSMG6206 - Business Strategy
BSMG6207 - Managerial Communications
BSMG6208 - Business Finance
BSMG6211 - Training and Development
BSMG6212 - Business Administration
BSMG6214 - Design Thinking
BSMG6215 - Foundations of Financial Management
BSMG6216 - Performance Management and Communication
BSMG6217 - Strategic Planning
BSMG6218 - Managing Change
CMPR6207 - Strategic Communication Planning
CMPR6209 - Social Media Fundamentals
LEAD6201 - The Effective Leader
LEAD6211 - Leading Difficult Conversations
LEAD6252 - Optimizing Change
LREL6001 - Introduction to Labour Management Relations
MRKT6281 - Principles of Marketing
MRKT6282 - Web Strategy: Audience, Content and Usability
PJMG6206 - Project Management Basics
SPRK1005 - How to Handle Difficult Conversations
SPRK1013 - Strategic Planning using the Business Model Canvas
SPRK1023 - Managing Your Productivity at Work
SPRK1026 - Bust Your Team Status Quo
SPRK1027 - Emotional Intelligence in Action
SPRK1029 - Strategies for Resilience and Success
SPRK1030 - Handling Resistance
SPRK1031 - Unleashing Diversity at Work
SPRK1032 - Change Management
WRBS6283 - Advanced Strategies in Business Communications