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Professional Certificate in Leadership

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The philosophy of the Leadership Program is that the role of a leader is diverse. Leaders exist at all levels of an organization and in many different roles. Effective leadership requires a leader to be a strategic thinker, manager, motivator, team member, mentor and visionary at specific times and according to circumstances and to understand the difference.

Who is this program for?

The Leadership Program is for YOU!

Individuals who want to be on a progressive career track toward establishing a leadership role in their organizations and their lives will benefit from the essential competencies developed in this program. The program is designed to enable you to build on your existing personal and professional knowledge, understanding and skills in making the transition to leadership.

What you will learn

Using a highly interactive, participatory approach, the Leadership Program will enable you to:

  • Explore and discuss different strategies and theories of leadership.
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your own approaches to leadership and how these approaches will change as you progress through the program.
  • Understand the key role that developing and communicating vision plays in motivating others.
  • Develop your understanding of the skills needed for selecting, leading and developing teams.
  • Practice your skills in dealing with conflict and resistance.
  • Explore and develop your understanding and skills in helping others to achieve success.
  • Build confidence in developing shared goals and empowering others.
  • Understand how to align vision and strategy with a view to initiating and sustaining organizational and personal change.

How the program works

There are two levels in the Leadership Program. The first level is called the Professional Certificate in Leadership and consists of three required courses and four elective courses. The courses are designed to enable you to build the skills and develop the insights required for effective leadership at any level of the organization. While each of the courses stands alone as an important learning tool, completion of the courses in each level provides you with a ‘building block’ approach to leadership success - skills you develop in one course are easily transferred and honed in subsequent courses. Students wishing to develop more advanced leadership competencies can take an additional five courses and obtain the Advanced Professional Certificate in Leadership.

Program Requirements

To be awarded the Professional Certificate in Leadership, participants must complete three required courses and four elective courses and attend 100% of instructional hours in each course.

This first level of leadership development consists of seven courses designed to present fundamental knowledge that will help new and experienced leaders understand their role and the potential they have to positively influence others.

Why Western?

  • Our instructors include faculty members and researchers from Western and other universities, in addition to specialists from leading global organizations.
  • Our “building block” structure has been developed from current thinking and cutting edge research in the field of leadership development.
  • Our unique modular approach provides flexibility and choice that enables you to structure the program to meet your own professional development needs.
  • Our participants come from differing backgrounds, occupations and levels of experience - this diversity maximizes your learning experience.
  • Our program never remains static - we constantly review the program to make sure that the content reflects current research and thinking about leadership.


Certificate Completion

Track your progress in the program. Have your courses automatically applied towards your professional certificate program.

Request Information

Web form: Program Inquiry

Email: cstudies@uwo.ca

Phone: 519.661.3658

Course Selection

Course Course # Delivery Options Prereqs Availability
  The Effective Leader LEAD6201 Workshop N Available
  Enacting Theories of Leadership: Creating Action from Theory LEAD6204 Workshop N Available
  Strategic Leadership LEAD6257 Workshop Y Available
ElectiveChoose four courses:
  Developing and Leading Teams LEAD6202 Workshop N Available
  Leadership Communications LEAD6203 Workshop N Available
  Motivation for Superior Performance LEAD6205 Workshop N Available
  Culture and Diversity: Leadership Challenges LEAD6206 Workshop N Available
  Emotional Intelligence LEAD6207 Workshop N Available
  Gender Diversity in Leadership LEAD6208 Workshop N Available
  Leading Across Generations LEAD6209 Workshop N Available
  Coaching and Mentoring LEAD6251 Workshop N Available
  Optimizing Change LEAD6252 Workshop N Available
  The Leader`s Role in Resolving Conflict LEAD6253 Workshop N Available
  Problem-Solving, Decision-Making and Creativity LEAD6255 Workshop N Available
  Negotiation Skills for Leaders LEAD6210 Y Not Currently Available