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Whether you are serious about achieving your career goals or curious about pursuing a personal interest, we provide you with opportunities to keep learning at every point in your life.


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Purple Perks

SAVE 15%

As a member of the Alumni Western family, you are eligible to save 15% when you provide your alumni card number.


Save 15% on course fees * whenever you see Potential Discount(s): Western Alumni



Get Your Alumni Card

You can sign up for Purple Perks and then download the app for your digital alumni card. Or, if you prefer a physical Western Alumni Card, which is free, you can Request yours today – please allow 10 – 15 business days to receive your card in the mail.

How do I get the Western Alumni discount promo code?

There are two ways.

  • Sign up for Purple Perks; once logged in, you can find the code on any device.  
  • Don’t know the promo code? Contact our office with your alumni card number; we would be pleased to help you register and receive the discount!


How to register using the promo code?

Once you have the promo code

  1. Select a course.
  2. Hit Register Now.
  3. Enter the Promo Code in the Discount box.
  4. Login with your existing account or create one if you are new to Western Continuing Studies.
  5. On your Personal Profile, add your Educational Background and yourself to the Western University Alumni Association.  You can input your alumni card number where it says Certification / License Number. 
  6. Complete the registration process.
  7. Enjoy your course.

The promo code must be used during registration to receive the discount.  We are unable to apply the discount retroactively.


* Discount exclusions include Full Stack Bootcamp, French Immersion and Post-Degree programs.