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Our students tell us that what makes their Western Continuing Studies learning experience great is the quality of our instructors.  All of our instructors are industry experts as well as accomplished adult educators, with varied training backgrounds and accreditations.  They take pride in delivering high-quality, relevant, and interactive learning experiences.  We’d like you to get to know our instructors a little better and learn more about their background, teaching philosophy, and experience.



Andrew Bartley - Strategic Leadership instructor


Janine Higgins - Emotional Intelligence

Discover how improving your emotional Intelligence (EQ) will help you to effectively manage conflict, deal with stress, and relate to others. Identify the set of skills and attitudes that help you recognize, understand and choose how you think, feel, and act.



Learning and Development

Mohamed Hammoud shares his experience as a student in our Learning and Development program



Leadership Program

Mohamed Hammoud shares his experience as a student in our Leadership program.


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