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Hands-on learning leads to a chosen career

By: Nicole Laidler


Like many university students, Jenna Fayad wondered how she would find meaningful employment after graduating with a degree in English and French literature from Western University.

“I didn’t want to pursue a career in teaching or journalism, but felt like there might be a future for me in communications,” the 23-year-old Fayad says.

She decided to continue her studies with a Post-Degree Diploma in Public Relations at Western Continuing Studies (WCS).

“I knew I needed a specialized skillset and recognized WCS as the place to learn from real-world practitioners,” says Fayad.  She also knew a few people who had previously completed the program. “They all spoke extremely highly of it.”  
In addition to intensive in-class learning, the 12-month Post-Degree Diploma in Public Relations includes a four-month practicum where students are able to put their theoretical knowledge to the test and forge valuable industry connections.

Fayad completed her placement at 3M Canada, a multinational corporation operating in the fields of industry, worker safety, health care, and consumer goods. “My internship focussed on internal communications but I also had the opportunity to do some public relations work, including crisis communication plans,” she says.


The internship led to a permanent position at 3M. 

Fayad began as a content marketing specialist, a role that quickly evolved into digital engagement and community management. Today, she holds the position of Marketing Communications Supervisor, Construction & Home Improvement Markets. 

Fayad credits WCS with giving her the foundation for a strong career in her chosen profession. “Having teachers who are working in the field is invaluable,” she says. “You learn from real-life scenarios, so when issues come up you have the skills to handle them.”

“I walked away from each course with applicable knowledge,” she continues. “But my greatest takeaway from my year at WCS was a massive boost in confidence in my ability to develop and thrive in my field.”





Post-Degree Diploma Programs are designed to provide students with specialized knowledge, skills and experience to differentiate themselves in the job search process. Diploma programs are designed to complement an undergraduate degree.

Taught by professionals in the field, our diplomas prepare you for your career. Hands-on work placements in most of our programs add valuable experience to your degree. 

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