Income Tax Receipts (T2202)


T2202 income tax receipts are available for download for qualifying students and courses.


How to obtain your T2202 tax receipt

  1. Log in to your myWCS student account
  2. Choose Tax Receipt from the left-hand menu
  3. Print Tax Receipt


  • CRA now requires a Social Insurance Number (SIN) for qualifying students. Please update your Account Information on your myWCS Student Profile prior to printing your T2202.
  • Course fees are not eligible if you received a grant, reimbursement, benefit, or allowance for the program from a person whom you deal with at arm's length. For Western employees, course fees paid through Educational Assistance are not eligible. A T2202, Tuition and Enrollment Certificate will be available for all qualifying courses and it is up to the student to not claim the course fees if they fall into this definition.