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What is a Micro-credential? 

Micro-credentials at Western Continuing Studies are courses developed with industry partners alongside a robust quality assurance process to ensure they surpass academic and industry standards.

To guarantee the most in-demand and relevant capabilities are delivered, micro-credentials focus on the knowledge and skills employers need in a format that takes less time to complete.


How is a Micro-credential different from a course? 

While the term “Micro-credential” is new, Western Continuing Studies has been offering courses in this format for over 20 years. Our programs allow the flexibility of taking one course or stacking multiple courses toward an accelerated or professional certificate.


How do I complete a Micro-credential? 

Completing a micro-credential varies by micro-credential and may include a combination of assignments, tests, participation, or other activities to demonstrate skills and knowledge. 


What do I receive upon completing a Micro-credential?

When you complete a Western approved micro-credential, you can claim a Western Digital Badge, issued by MyCreds, which can be shared on LinkedIn and other social media sites. Micro-credential results also appear in an official Grade Report. 


How do I claim and share my digital badge?

Badges are awarded once you complete your micro-credential. You will receive an email from MyCreds™ when your badge is ready to be claimed. This email is sent within two weeks of completing your micro-credential. Follow the instructions in the email to create an account and claim your digital badge to showcase your achievement and highlight the skills you worked hard to earn.

Learn more about Western Digital Badges and MyCreds™.


Is there funding available for Micro-credentials? 

Many of our micro-credentials qualify for OSAP funding. Explore all our OSAP eligible micro-credentials.


What programs are available? 

Explore how the quality, relevance and flexibility of micro-credentials can help you achieve your career goals. View all our Micro-credential offerings.