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Enhance your Degree

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Whether you are a recent grad interested in a full-time one-year credit program, or not so recent graduate working full-time wanting to update your skills, we have courses and programs to help you start or advance your career.

Full-Time Credit Programs

Our Post-Degree Diploma programs are designed to provide specialized knowledge, skills and hands-on experience to differentiate yourself in the job search process. These one-year career-focused programs complement your undergraduate degree and enhance your credentials in your chosen career path. We offer eight full-time diploma programs taught by industry professionals that combine in-class and online learning with a four-month practicum placement. You will leave the program with the experience and knowledge to launch your career after only one year. Flexible two year part-time options are available for all programs.

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Professional Development

Our courses and certificates, taught by industry professionals, are developed to provide you with the skills you need and employers want. Professional development demonstrates to employers your ability to learn new skills and your ongoing commitment to improvement.

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Explore our Professional Development Programs


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