Career-Focused Programs

Flexible Two-Year Part-Time Options


Our Post-Degree credit programs provide you with specialized knowledge, skills and experience to differentiate yourself in the job search process and expand your career opportunities.


Our Part-Time Option is Designed for

Individuals working full-time looking for more flexibility with the course workload and when they learn.

What to Expect

You can take one to three courses per term as a part-time student. To complete the program in two years, you must take five courses in your first year (Fall/Winter) and four or five courses plus the practicum in the second year.

The practicum component is 40 hours per week for 16 weeks and must be taken full-time.


Most programs can be done in tandem with a full-time job, but it is demanding.

Generally, we estimate that students will need to commit 5 hours per course per week to be successful (this includes class time and homework/assignments). On average, this is about 10-15 hours per week.



Expand your Career Opportunities

Explore our programs by area of interest



Acquire university accreditation and learn from industry experts in small classes focusing on networking, collaboration, and professional development. 


Develop your potential through experiential learning inside and outside the classroom. Engage with professionals in the field, and apply your knowledge through a practicum in your target industry. 


Graduate with the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for success. Within one year of completing their programs, 93% of our graduates have secured full-time employment in their field of study!

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