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Earn a Western Digital Badge

When you complete one of four micro-credentials


Sharpen your language skills or build your leadership ability this fall and be among the first to earn a Western Digital Badge.

Western Continuing Studies is one of ten Ontario post-secondary institutions to participate in the ARUCC MyCreds™ Virtual Skills Passport pilot project for micro-credentials. This exciting project was designed to develop the next-generation digital sharing technologies for micro-credentials.


Earn a Western Digital Badge 

When you complete one of these micro-credentials



Everyday French

Nov 7 - Dec 16 Online: Self-paced

French for Tomorrow: The Journey Continues

Nov 7 - Dec 16 Online: Self-paced

French Forward: The Next Quebecois Quest

Nov 7 - Dec 16 Online: Self-paced


The Effective Leader

Oct 17 - Nov 11
Jan 9 to Feb 3

Online: with Real-Time


Western Digital Badge

Recognizing your learning achievement

Western Digital BadgeWestern Digital Badge


Badges tell a story

Each industry recognizable badge is embedded with data that verifies a learner's skills and achievements— and they are meant to be shared so that you can add them to your resumé, LinkedIn profile or portfolio.

  • Digital badges demonstrate your knowledge and skills.
  • Digital badges are shareable on social networks to help you stand out to recruiters and prospective hiring managers 
  • A Western Digital Badge has been approved and accredited by Western University. Your learning is recognized by employers locally, across Canada and worldwide.
  • According to the LinkedIn blog, “On average, LinkedIn members with credentials receive 6x more views to their profile”. 


What is a Micro-Credential?


Micro-credentials at Western Continuing Studies are courses developed with industry partners alongside a robust quality assurance process to ensure they surpass academic and industry standards.

To guarantee the most in-demand and relevant capabilities are delivered, micro-credentials focus on the knowledge and skills employers need in a format that takes less time to complete.

While "micro-credential" is new, this course design is embedded in Continuing Studies programs. By focusing on the knowledge and skills employers need in a format that takes less time to complete, learners are given more opportunities to expand their skillset under certified programming.