Western French Immersion Live the language and culture of Quebec

This program is currently under review and will not be offered in 2024.
Please contact our office for programming options.

Ce programme fait actuellement l’objet d’une révision et ne sera pas proposé en 2024. Veuillez communiquer avec notre bureau pour vous renseigner sur d’autres options de programme.


Western's French Immersion School


Established in 1932, Western University's French Immersion School offers you the experience of a lifetime: a complete immersion environment so that you not only learn French but live the language and the culture of Quebec.

There's no better way to learn French and experience authentic Quebecois culture than by fully immersing yourself in the language and lifestyle.




Attend classes with learners of similar language ability, from beginner to advanced. Learn language skills and vocabulary-building for everyday communication.  


Explore the beautiful Basques region of the Bas-Saint-Laurent and practice your French in conversation groups, pronunciation classes, or cultural outings.


Appreciate Quebecois culture while socializing. Spend your evenings absorbing French language and culture through film and music and socializing with fellow students and the community. 



Live the language and culture of Quebec

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Join us in Trois-Pistoles


In Trois-Pistoles, French is the language of everyday life: on the streets, in shops, restaurants, and homes. The whole town is your campus – a living language laboratory.

We invite participants from all over Canada, the United States, and other parts of the world to improve their French skills and to learn more about Quebecois culture while achieving a personal or professional goal. 


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