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Become a Certified Pedorthist in Canada. Discover the field of Pedorthics: the assessment of the lower limbs through observation of surface anatomy, palpation, gait, and range of motion. Explore the manufacturing, fitting and modification of foot appliances and footwear for the purposes of alleviating painful or debilitating conditions of the lower limbs.


This is a Western University accredited Diploma program. The Pedorthics program combines 8 courses taken from September to August with two four-month work integrated learning placements from January to August. The Bridging program precedes the Pedorthics program for students without a Kinesiology degree and consists of 4 prep courses from May to August.

Duration: One year, full-time or two years, part-time | Bridging program: additional four months

Start: September | Bridging program: May

Location: Online 

Requirements: Undergraduate Degree in Kinesiology (for direct-entry) or science-related field (Bridging Program), with a minimum average of 70% in the last two years of study


Program: Eight required courses + Two four-month practicums

Full-Time Duration: One year | Fall Term: September to December (5 courses), Winter Term: January to April (2 courses + 1 practicum), Summer Term: May to August (1 course + 1 practicum)

Part-Time Duration: Two years

Year 1 | Fall Term: September to December (3 courses), Winter Term: January to April (2 courses), Summer Term: May to August (1 course + 1/2 practicum)

Year 2 | Fall Term: September to December (1/2 practicum), Winter Term: January to April (1 course + 1/2 practicum), Summer Term: May to August (1 course + 1/2 practicum)

Start: September

Location: Online

Program Details

Program: Four required prep courses prior to entry into Pedorthics Diploma program.

Duration: Four months | Pedorthics program will begin in September after successful completion of the Pedorthics Bridging program.

Start: May

Location: Online

The practicum component of our Diploma programs is a culmination of your work in the classroom and the bridge to a great career in your target industry. Gain valuable hands-on experience with mentorship from industry professionals, uniting theory and practice in the real world of work. Students must successfully complete all ten required courses and the practicum placement in order to satisfy program requirements and graduate with a Diploma in Pedorthics.

Learn more about the two four-month practicum placements here.


 Bridging Program Tuition $1250 
 Application Fee $100 (non-refundable) 
 Western Ancillary Fees $2000  
 Domestic Tuition $8200 
 International Tuition $15000

Financial Aid: The Pedorthics program is OSAP eligible, but the Bridging program is NOT OSAP eligible. Explore other available Bursaries and Awards here.

Note: Program fees do not include any costs for class materials such as textbooks and software. Ancillary fees are an approximation, calculate your fees here.

Pedorthics Admission Requirements: Undergraduate Degree in Kinesiology with a minimum average of 70% in the last two years of study, and successful completion of Undergraduate courses related to the following: Functional Anatomy, Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, and Athletic Injury.

Pedorthics Bridging Admission Requirements: Undergraduate Degree in science-related field with a minimum average of 70% in the last two years of study and a 0.5 university level Anatomy credit. Students must also enrol with a conditional acceptance in the Diploma in Pedorthics to apply for the Bridging program.

Application Deadline: June 16; Bridging Program Deadline: April 15


Application for the Diploma in Pedorthics

Assessment for both the Pedorthics and Pedorthics Bridging program are made through the same application. If you are interested in either, please follow the link below.

Application deadlines:

Pedorthics: Applications will remain open until June 16th or until all available spots in the program are filled, whichever comes first.

Bridging program: Closed for 2024!



10 Course(s)

8 Courses + 2 Practicums