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Western Continuing Studies is offering a day-time version of the CIM Chartered Managers Canada Program for Western Leaders and Staff in administrative roles who are engaged in human resource, accounting or finance functions as part of their work. This eight-course certificate program provides Western staff and leaders with foundational knowledge in a wide range of business areas. With coursework tailored to the Western experience, students will develop a better understanding of leadership within the context of higher education, and how Western operates as a large institution. 

Western CIM returns to in-class learning this spring.


Designed for

Western's academic and administrative leaders and staff who are engaged in human resource, accounting or financial management functions as part of their work (e.g. managers, directors, AO's, unit leaders, or other roles within a Faculty or a support unit).


CIM Chartered Managers Canada Membership and Designation

This program is nationally accredited and can be used towards the educational requirement of the Certified in Management (C.I.M) and chartered Manager (C.Mgr.) professional designations.

All students enrolled in this program are eligible for a FREE Student Associate Membership while taking courses.

Simply navigate to cim.ca/student fill in your information, then select Western as your Accredited Institution along with Professional Certificate in Public Sector Management.

To learn more about how to obtain your C.I.M. or C.Mgr. designation please visit the CIM Chartered Managers Website.


Other Professional Designation

Many of our courses have been developed to meet the standards of various professional associations:

Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario

Insurance Institute of Canada

Canadian Payroll Association

Association of Administrative Assistants 

and numerous others



EquivalencyCourse Equivalency

A maximum of two courses completed at another institute may be accepted towards course requirements. Please complete the application.

Courses in the Professional Certificate in Management

A maximum of two courses in the Professional Certificate in Management can be used towards The Professional Certificate in Public Sector Management.  Please contact us after you register to ensure the course will be counted towards your certificate. No application is required.

BSMG6201 Fundamentals of Accounting can replace WCIM6202 Fundamentals of Accounting: Public Sector

BMSG6202 Introduction to Human Resource Management can replace WCIM6203 Introduction to Human Resource Management

BSMG6205 Organizational Behaviour can replace WCIM6207 Organizational Behaviour

BSMG6206 Business Strategy can replace WCIM6208 Strategic Analysis

BSMG6207 Managerial Communications can replace WCIM6201 Managerial Communications

BSMG6208 Business Finance can replace WCIM6204 Financial Management

LREL6001 Introduction to Labour Management Relations can replace WCIM6205 introduction to Labour Relations Management

There is no replacement for WCIM6206 Introduction to Public Sector Management.  All students must take this course.





Professional Certificate in Public Sector Management (WCIM)
To automatically have your courses tracked towards your certificate completion, click apply now.



8 Course(s)