Trois-Pistoles costal view

Acquire essential French language skills as you make your way virtually through the Bas-Saint-Laurent region of Quebec.

Our online programming features our partner town of Trois-Pistoles and offers a variety of activities and tasks for students learning French and looking to simultaneously experience the Quebecois culture.

These three self-paced online courses will cover everyday vocabulary and activities to help you master the basics or brush up on your existing skills. As you progress in your French language learning journey, you will increase your knowledge of the language while engaging in new and more sophisticated contexts.


Designed for

Beginner and/or low-intermediate learners



Courses: Three

Format: Online, self-paced

Cost: $360.00 (requires registration in all three courses)

Admission: OPEN, no application

Completion Time: 6 months

These courses are designed to be taken in succession (FIMW7000, FIMW8000, then FIMW9000).



Program Fee
Full Program $360.00. Use discount code FORFAIT when you register for all three courses. Price adjusted at checkout.




Certificate in French Essentials
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3 Course(s)