Develop an understanding of the functional areas of human resource management (HRM) in today’s workplace, including human resource planning, recruitment and selection, employee development and learning, compensation and rewards, workplace safety. Examine the impact of employment legislation and the influence of organizational strategy on human resources management.



  • Emerging issues related to human resources management
  • The evolving role of human resources management
  • The impact of technology and social media on human resources management


Professional Affiliations

This course is recognized by:

Canadian Institute of Management

Human Resources Professionals Association

Association of Administrative Professionals



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Sep 19, 2022 to Dec 16, 2022
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This is an interactive course; you will engage online with your class and instructor through our online learning management system. Plan to log into your course regularly throughout the week.

You can expect to spend approximately six hours of work per week on course requirements.

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There will be live Zoom sessions in this course. Dates TBA.

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This is a graded course. Evaluation will be based on any combination of participation, exams/quizzes and assignments. Attendance in Zoom sessions is not mandatory, but is recommended.


Canadian Human Resource Management, 13th Canadian edition, Schwind, ISBN 9781265034504 (ebook) or ISBN 9781265191108 (hard copy)