This course is part of our Post-Degree Diploma in Pedorthics.


Apply your knowledge in a practical setting. Demonstrate professionalism and build your network by using your knowledge  of pedorthic practice in real life. Participate in a placement which will be secured through an interview process between the student and an approved C. Ped (C). Focus on inventory requirements, treatment plans, interpretation of assessment findings, and ethics in pedorthic practice. All sites must be approved by the Placement Coordinator.

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PEDS6001, PEDS6014, and PEDS6101 are required prerequisites.

Applies Towards the Following Certificates

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  • Kelly Robb

Enrollment in PEDS 6102 Pedorthic Practicum II is open to admitted students of the program. Students must have successfully achieved no single grade below 60% and achieve an overall cumulative average of 70% in term two to proceed to term three courses and the PEDS 6102 Pedorthic Practicum II.