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Whether a cozy mystery with an amateur sleuth, a psychological suspense story with a serial killer, or a high-tech cat and mouse thriller with a genius FBI Cyber Agent, tension is the secret sauce that keeps readers engaged. Through discussion based on readings, viewings, and writing assignments, we will explore techniques authors use to build tension in the gripping, blood-chilling, page-turning genres of Mysteries and Thrillers.


  • Explore classic and contemporary mysteries and thrillers
  • Approaches to generating and maintaining tension and suspense through a story
  • Evaluate what distinguishes unique sub-genres such as noir and techno-thrillers

Note: This course deals with mature content including conflict, violence, and criminal activity. Please do not take this course if such content would be upsetting to you.

Course Outline

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Come prepared to share your writing, opinions and perspectives with the class.

All that is required is a little creativity and curiosity.

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