machine learning

Gain hands-on experience solving complex and simple real-world problems.

The role of AI and automation is changing our world as it expands across industry and business function.  In this program, you will learn how to use Python’s libraries to solve predictive problems (supervised learning) and data clustering problems (unsupervised learning). Study machine learning techniques such as multiple linear regressions (Ridge and Lasso), generalized linear models and classification, clustering and dimensionality reduction methods (SVM).

In addition to gaining hands on experience and learning in-demand technical skills, you will refine valuable soft skills like creativity, communication, and emotional intelligence that will help you collaborate with others and stand out in the workplace.

Note: If you do not have sufficient prior experience using Python, we strongly recommend that you complete TECH6301 Introduction to Python before you begin the required course. 


Designed for

Machine learning is a complex advanced program designed for software programmers, data scientists, or those with experience in statistics or applied mathematics.  Machine learning experience is not required; however we strongly recommend prior experience with Python.



Courses: One required, two electives
Format: Online
Cost: $1,122 - $1,169 (requires registration in all three courses)
Admission: OPEN, no application
Completion Time: under 12 months



Program Fee Full Program $1122.00 to $1168.75: Use discount code BUNDLE when you register for all three courses. Price adjusted at checkout.


Certificate in Python for Machine Learning
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