Western Employee Educational Assistance

Advanced Funded

To help meet your professional educational goals and make learning more convenient, Western Human Resources has pre-approved all professional development courses offered at Western Continuing Studies.
More than 150 courses and 22 certificates are now advanced funded for eligible Western employees.
This means you will not have to personally provide payment and seek reimbursement for all professional development courses, workshops or spark sessions offered by Western Continuing Studies.

The following courses have been approved as Advanced Funded.


ADRN6220 - Conflict Management Foundations
ADRN6221 - Resolving Conflict at Work
ADRN6222 - Mediation
BSAN6201 - Business Analysis: Planning and Communication
BSAN6202 - Business Analysis: Elicitation, Documentation and Analysis
BSAN6203 - Enterprise and Strategic Analysis
BSMG6201 - Fundamentals of Accounting
BSMG6202 - Introduction to Human Resource Management
BSMG6203 - Business Law
BSMG6205 - Organizational Behaviour
BSMG6206 - Business Strategy
BSMG6207 - Managerial Communications
BSMG6208 - Business Finance
BSMG6210 - Excel Analytics: Tools and Techniques
BSMG6211 - Training and Development
BSMG6212 - Business Administration
BSMG6214 - Design Thinking
BSMG6218 - Managing Change
BSMG6219 - Innovating from Within: Creative Intrapreneurship
BSMG6220 - Business Analytics
CMPR6201 - Crisis Communication
CMPR6202 - Media Relations
CMPR6203 - Employee Communications
CMPR6206 - Social Media Strategy
CMPR6207 - Strategic Communication Planning
CMPR6208 - Video 101
CMPR6210 - Introduction to Digital Storytelling
FIMW7000 - Everyday French: A Quebecois Adventure
FIMW8000 - French for Tomorrow: The Journey Continues
FIMW9000 - French Forward: The Next Quebecois Quest
LANG6301 - French: The Basics Part I
LANG6302 - French: The Basics Part II
LANG6311 - French: The Fast Track
LANG6321 - French: Beyond the Basics Part I
LANG6322 - French: Beyond the Basics Part II
LANG6351 - French at Noon: The Basics Part I
LANG6352 - French at Noon: The Basics Part II
LANG6401 - Spanish: The Basics
LANG6421 - Spanish: Beyond the Basics
LANG6422 - Spanish: A Deeper Understanding
LCWE6201 - Leading Through Conflict for Western Employees
LEAD6201 - The Effective Leader
LEAD6202 - Developing and Leading Teams
LEAD6203 - Leadership Communications
LEAD6204 - Enacting Theories of Leadership: Creating Action from Theory
LEAD6205 - Motivation for Superior Performance
LEAD6207 - Emotional Intelligence
LEAD6210 - Negotiation Skills for Leaders
LEAD6211 - Leading Difficult Conversations
LEAD6241 - Positive Psychology
LEAD6251 - Coaching and Mentoring
LEAD6252 - Optimizing Change
LEAD6253 - The Leader's Role in Resolving Conflict
LEAD6255 - Problem-Solving, Decision-Making and Creativity
LEAD6257 - Strategic Leadership
LREL6001 - Introduction to Labour Management Relations
MRKT6201 - Marketing Foundations
MRKT6202 - Foundations of Digital Marketing
MRKT6203 - Integrated Marketing Communications
MRKT6204 - Marketing Research and Analytics
MRKT6205 - Marketing Strategy and Planning
MRKT6281 - Principles of Marketing
MRKT6282 - Web Strategy: Audience, Content and Usability
NTPT6201 - Introduction to the Not-for-Profit Sector
NTPT6202 - Effective Boards: Best Practices, Governance and Administration
NTPT6203 - Grant Writing
NTPT6204 - Volunteer Management
NTPT6205 - Event Management
NTPT6206 - Fundamentals of Financial Management for Not-for-Profits
NTPT6208 - Fundraising and Development
OCAD1001 - Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
OCAD1003 - Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
OCAD1007 - Illustration Essentials
OCAD1011 - Introduction to Adobe InDesign
PJMG6206 - Project Management Basics
PJMG6207 - Certified Agile Project Manager
PJMG6208 - PMP Exam Preparation
PJMG6250 - Project Management
SPRK1007 - How to Talk so People Listen
SPRK1024 - The Power of Strategic Questions
SPRK1025 - Sparking Creativity and Engagement
SPRK1026 - Bust Your Team Status Quo
SPRK1027 - Emotional Intelligence in Action
SPRK1028 - Communication Skills for Today's Leader
SPRK1029 - Strategies for Resilience and Success
SPRK1031 - Unleashing Diversity at Work
SPRK1033 - Authentic Leadership
TADL6201 - Approaches to Teaching and Learning
TADL6202 - Needs Assessment
TADL6205 - Assessment and Evaluation in Learning Contexts
TADL6206 - Active Training Techniques
TADL6283 - Program Design Methods
TADL6284 - Teaching with Technology
TADL6285 - Collaboration, Teams and Communities in Learning
TADL6287 - Teaching Online
TECH6201 - Cross-Platform App Development
TECH6210 - Web Development Foundations
TECH6211 - Back End Development Using Node.js
TECH6212 - Front End Development Using Angular
TECH6213 - App Development Using Ionic
TECH6301 - Introduction to Python
TECH6303 - Python for Machine Learning
WCIM6201 - Western CIM - Managerial Communications
WCIM6202 - Western CIM - Fundamentals of Accounting: Public Sector
WCIM6203 - Western CIM - Introduction to Human Resource Management
WCIM6204 - Western CIM - Financial Management
WCIM6205 - Western CIM - Introduction to Labour Relations Management
WCIM6206 - Western CIM - Introduction to Public Sector Management
WCIM6207 - Western CIM - Organizational Behaviour
WCIM6208 - Western CIM - Strategic Analysis
WRBS6202 - Business Grammar and Style: Fundamentals of Writing
WRBS6208 - Blogging
WRBS6209 - Podcasting
WRBS6212 - Writing with AI
WRBS6283 - Advanced Strategies in Business Communications
WRCR6214 - Copywriting that Persuades and Sells
WRCR6216 - Editing